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Welcome traveller, I'm very glad that you're taking a minute and scanning my pixel works. Have a nice journey.
Pixel Artist

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Freelancer in Video + Digital Media

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The Astroknight is my outlet for my favorite side of art. I am a child from the 80s, grown up with what I think is the  craziest excesses of the last millennium. I love the Back To The Future films, TMNT, Alf, Carpenter, Spielberg, Sierra & LucasArts Adventure Games (especially Sam & Max) and many other pop cultural influences.

I had my first pixel experience with paintbrush in 1992. My first own computer was a IBM 468/ 33 Mhz. The first and best PC game of my life was Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis for MS DOS.

I work with GRAFX2, then animate and edit my pictures via Adobe Suite. In addition to my passion for pixels, I develop my own adventure games, also I'm a singer in a trap metal band plus I love to write and shoot my own genre movies.

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